Services We Provide
We offer courses in practical basic Geology
- Rocks and minerals Identification
-Lapidary work
-And others
-These courses are all practical and conducted by Dr. S.K. Ghossein Geologist/
Archaeologist with more then 30 years experience in the field.
  • *We offer identification services for rocks minerals
    gemstones and fossils.
  • *We Give Estimates
  • *Evaluations
  • *And Certificates Of authenticity for general or insurance
We can prepare sets of rocks, minerals and fossils for
educational institutions for display and teaching. We can organize
rocks, fossils, and mineral displays. We offer either information or
certificates of authenticity with all our products.

If you are interested in starting a similar business we can help
organise it for you from A to Z, we can train you and supply you
with all items, all you need is investment capital and enthusiasm,
and leave the rest to us.
Dr. Ghossein offers the most practical courses, by the end of
each course you would have learned enough to feel
comfortable talking about the subject.
If you are interested in learning about rocks, minerals, and
gemstones in general the best course for you would be
G-053/G-054, basic geology and rock and minerals
The rest of the courses offered are specialized for specific
intrests, such as

-Exploration G055

-How to pan for gold, tumble rocks, and basic lapidary

-Climate change G057

-Physical and spiritual healing M058

-Gemstone families G059-Includes Diamond, Ruby, and

-Emerald, aqua marine, garnet, topaz, peridote, and
tourmaline. G060

-Quartz family, Agate family, chalcedony family, and opoe family
-All other gemstones what was once called semi-precious
stones more then two dozen of them. G062