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Ghossein Rocks & Fossils
Trilobites ($5-5000$)                        Amonites                -(White:$10-$100)                                                    Fish
-El Rathia Kingii                                -Perispinctes             -(Black:$10-$25)                                                -Jurassic
-Paradoxides                                     -Negras                     -( With colors: $10-$500)                                  -Cretaceous
-Neometacantbus                            - Placenticeras          -(With colors peices $10-$2000)                    -Eocene
-Meta Cantina                                    -Cut perfect pairs      -(With colors Full fossils:$900-$30000)
-Calymene                                          -Gonpholeros           -(General: $100-$600)
-Odontichite                                        -Goniatites                -(Cut and polished pairs:$5-$60)
-Dicranurus                                        -Baculites                  -(Large cut and polished pairs:$50-$1000)
-Oenellus                                                                                -(Small 1 side polished:$2-$20)
                                        Special Offers
-Amethyst Clusters 3-6 Inch.$10-$25/lb.minimum order 100 lb.
-Agate and amethyst Geodes 3-10 inch. $10-25$/lb Minimum Order
100 lb
-Ammonite about 1 inch. $1 each minimum order 100
My latest book has been released

Minerals In Alberta: Where to find them, may
be purchased for $20, at the Ghossein
Rocks and Fossils store in west Edmonton
mall, #1447 @ entrance 58.
here for more contact information
There is also The Geology of Lebanon for
sale. You can purchase it now for $20.

Coming soon are 2 of my books:
-Rocks and Fossils in Alberta
-Gemstone Families
Also i will be releasing a few booklets such as:
-How to do lapidary work
-Gold panning
-Climate change from a geological perspective